Eventide's Spring Sale: Get Up To 20% OFF on dot9 Pedals!

Until May 31st 2024, Eventide is offering unprecedented discounts on some of their best pedals including: Riptide, Black Hole & Micro Pitch!

For over four decades, Eventide has been at the forefront of groundbreaking audio effects, captivating artists across genres and generations. From legendary studio gear to their cutting-edge stompboxes, Eventide's legacy of sonic wizardry is unparalleled.

Eventide Riptide Stereo Dual-voice Drive & Uni-vibe

Modeled after the original Uni-vibe and legendary overdrives, Eventide Riptide features not one, but two distinct voices for each effect, all delivered in glorious stereo. Plus, you can effortlessly transition from Drive into Vibe or Vibe into Drive. Let ‘er rip.

Eventide Blackhole Reverb

Limitless and boundless, Eventide Blackhole features two types of infinite reverb. “Infinite mode” continuously layers new sound on top of a suspended reverb while “Freeze mode” holds the effect in stasis, allowing you to play over the reverb tail. The Freeze Footswitch allows instant access to this feature.

Eventide MicroPitch Delay

Eventide MicroPitch uses a combination of dual pitch-shifters with fine-resolution de-tuning, along with delay and modulation effects. Potentially, that’s a very powerful combination, giving the user an almost limitless palette of tones available. Eventide’s engineers have also included a set of new positive envelope and negative envelope modulations into this unit, for more options when tweaking away.

Eventide UltraTap Multi-Tap Delay, Reverb & Modulation

Eventide UltraTap is a unique multi-tap effect pedal capable of rhythmic delays, glitchy reverbs, huge pad-like volume swells, and extraordinary modulation. It’s the perfect tool for staccato leads, swelling chords, and other evolving effects — everything from reversed reverbs to the sound of ripping it up in the Grand Canyon!

Eventide Tricerachorus Tri-chorus

Inspired by the classic Tri-Stereo Chorus and stompbox choruses of the 1970s and early 1980s, Eventide's TriceraChorus pedal pairs rich Bucket Brigade-style chorusing with Eventide’s legendary MicroPitch detuning for a lushness that rivals the jungles of the late Cretaceous Period. TriceraChorus features three chorus voices and three unique chorus effects which can be used to create a wide stereo spread with pulsing waves of modulation.

For more information, visit Eventide Audio's website HERE.