Gifts Under 200$ For The Music Enthusiast In Your Life

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Join us as we unveil gifts that will strike the perfect chord with the music enthusiast in your life. From cutting-edge gear to inspiring accessories, discover a harmonious blend of thoughtful presents that will strike a chord with DJs, electronic music producers, guitarists, content creators and Eurorack enthusiasts alike. 

BJOOKS BOOKS Books on Music Tech, Artists, and Creators = Instant Inspiration! – BJOOKS

Bjooks books transcends traditional literature, offering an immersive journey into niche subjects. From avant-garde art to modular synthesis, each publication is a visual and intellectual feast. Dive into a world where creativity meets knowledge, with Bjooks guiding you through the extraordinary. Explore new realms and expand your horizons with the unique and captivating collection from Bjooks Books — each brimming with stunning visuals and illustrations, accompanied by detailed narratives on synthesizers spanning both historical and contemporary eras.

Pocket Operators – RasterWeb!

Unleash your musical genius with Teenage Engineering's Pocket Operator series! These compact synthesizers redefine portable music production, fitting in your pocket without compromising on power. From beats to melodies, the Pocket Operators are a playground for creative expression. Intuitive controls, impressive sound, and endless possibilities make it a must-have for musicians on the go. Teenage Engineering's Pocket Operator is the ultimate companion for spontaneous creativity, transforming any moment into a musical masterpiece.

PIONEER DJ HDJ-CUE1Pioneer DJ HDJ-CUE1 Headphones Review Digital DJ Tips, 44% OFF

Priced under 100$ until December 31st 2023, the Pioneer HDJ-CUE1 headphones are optimal for beginner DJs and music enthusiasts alike. Each model features a professional look and feel, rich sound, foldable design and a high-quality finish – all for a modest price. Artists and audiophiles looking for a wireless approach to music monitoring and personal listening can select one of the HDJ-CUE1 Bluetooth models.

RODE WIRELESS MERODE Wireless ME Microphone System is Compatible with Cameras, Smartphones  and Tablets - TechEBlog

You’ve seen them everywhere on TikTok! The Rode Wireless Go is a game-changer in wireless audio. With its compact design and easy setup, it offers impeccable sound quality for content creators, videographers, and vloggers. The dual-channel wireless system ensures reliable communication, while the built-in microphone and versatility make it perfect for on-the-go recording. Elevate your audio production with the Rode Wireless Go—freedom and quality in one package.


Alpine MusicSafe Pro Clear earplugs are your key to preserving your hearing while enjoying crystal-clear sound at concerts, clubs, or festivals. Designed with advanced acoustic filters, these transparent, discreet plugs provide optimal sound quality without compromising protection. Don't sacrifice your hearing—experience music at its best with Alpine MusicSafe Pro Clear for a safer, more enjoyable auditory experience.


The IK Multimedia iRig Mic Cast 2 is your ideal companion for podcasting. Its compact design and superior audio quality make it perfect for on-the-go recording. Featuring cardioid polar pattern and adjustable gain control, it ensures clear, focused sound capture. Elevate your podcasting game with this portable and user-friendly microphone, delivering professional results wherever your creativity takes you.


Elevate your audio game with the Critter & Guitari Microphones! This compact marvel delivers studio-quality sound in a sleek, user-friendly package. Ideal for musicians, podcasters, and creators, it boasts plug-and-play simplicity and a stylish design. Unleash your creativity with unmatched clarity. Upgrade to Critter & Guitari microphone and let your voice shine. Transform your recordings into sonic masterpieces!

BASTL INSTRUMENTS KASTLE ARP Bastl Kastle ARP Unboxing and Exploration Demo - YouTube

This innovative synthesizer pushes the boundaries of sound exploration. Its compact design belies a vast sonic landscape, offering a diverse range of textures and tones. The Kastle Arp is a must-have for electronic enthusiasts, providing endless creative possibilities in a portable package. Unleash your musical imagination with Bastl Instruments' latest gem.


The Korg NTS-1 Digital Kit is a compact and powerful synthesizer module that combines digital technology with hands-on analog-style control. Its portable design allows musicians and creators to explore a wide range of sonic possibilities, from lush pads to cutting-edge leads. With its customizable digital oscillator and effects engine, the NTS-1 provides a versatile and unique synthesis experience in a DIY-friendly format.

AUDIO-TECHNICA AT-LP60X Best record players and turntables of 2023, tried and tested | CNN  Underscored

The Audio-Technica AT-LP60X is a fully automatic belt-drive turntable, offering high-fidelity vinyl playback in a sleek design. Known for its user-friendly operation, this turntable features a pre-mounted phono cartridge, built-in preamplifier, and a die-cast aluminum platter. It's an excellent choice for vinyl enthusiasts seeking a hassle-free and reliable entry into the world of analog audio at a budget-friendly price.

FOCUSRITE VOCASTER ONE STUDIO Podcast Like a Pro | Focusrite Unveils Vocaster Interfaces | GC Riffs

The Focusrite Vocoder One Studio offers a professional solution for podcasters and content creators. Inside the box, you'll discover the Focusrite Scarlett Solo audio interface, a CM25 MkIII condenser microphone, HP60 MkIII closed-back headphones, and an XLR cable. This comprehensive package ensures high-quality audio recording, monitoring, and playback, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a complete and user-friendly studio setup for their podcasting endeavors.


Featuring a unique extendable design, Analog Cases XTS Stands can be easily resized to adapt to any gear setup. XTS Stands hold up to 25 pounds, offering the ultimate in stability. Perfect for audio interfaces, MIDI controllers, pedals, synths, and samplers. Watch the video to learn more:

Two XTS Stand sizes are available, so you can find the right solution for your studio. The XTS Flex Tray can be added to the Large XTS Stand to use multiple pieces of gear.

The Small XTS Stand fits any compact machine or interface like the Roland SP-404 MKII, Elektron Digitakt, Arturia KeyStep 37, Akai MPK Mini, Universal Audio Apollo X4, and similar size gear.

The Large XTS Stand will support the MPC Live, Ableton Push, Arturia KeyStep Pro, or even a Eurorack case. 2 sizes of Flex Trays (sold separately) are available for this stand.


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