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For more than 30 years, the name Waldorf has been a synonym for high quality synthesizers made in Germany. Waldorf has established its position on the market for electronic musical instruments and has been rated the most famous German manufacturer providing superior innovation.

Waldorf Iridium Keyboard 49-Key Synthesizer

Waldorf Iridium Keyboard 49-Key Synthesizer

Iridium, a synthesizer based on the Quantum architecture. Instead of eight analogue/digital hybrid voices, it had 16 all‑digital voices. In a nutshell the Waldorf Iridium Keyboard Synthesizer is everything a Waldorf Iridium Desktop is, with a 49 key Fatar semi-weighted polyphonic aftertouch keyboard instead of the pads (which can still be accessed digitally on the touch screen).

Waldorf Iridium Digital Polyphonic Desktop Synth

Waldorf Iridium is an all-digital desktop version of the Quantum Synthesizer with 16 voices, without analog filters but new developed digital models, 4×4 pad matrix, CV connectivity & more.

Waldorf Iridium Digital Polyphonic Desktop Synth

Featuring a maximum of 16-voice polyphony in complete stereo and the capability to layer two sounds or perform them concurrently using the split function, the practical desktop layout of the Iridium Synthesizer by Waldorf Music enables the exploration of sound design possibilities that frequently transcend conventional limits. Additionally, it offers the capacity to save up to 7,000 patches internally.

Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard Synthesizer

Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard SynthesizerDesktop-sized and fantastically emulating analog sound, the digital modular Waldorf Blofeld synth hosts an incredible amount of features and effects in its tiny enclosure. With over 1000 sounds, 3 oscillators per voice, 4 envelopes per voice, a 16-step fully programmable arpeggiator, and the option to use freq mod between oscillators, it would be difficult to say the Blofeld doesn't offer up some serious opportunity to create sound.

Waldorf Streichfett String Synthesizer

During the 1970s and early 1980s, there was a strong trend towards using String Synthesizers. However, the Waldorf Streichfett stands out as one of the pioneering contemporary digital synthesizers aimed at emulating those classic instruments.

Waldorf Streichfett String SynthesizerAlthough not incredibly versatile, the Streichfett excels at faithfully replicating the iconic sounds that were popular in numerous films from that time. Operating as a fully digital synthesizer, it leverages two sound engines based on DSP technology for generating its sound palette. The instrument boasts an eight-voice polyphonic Solo segment, complemented by a 128-voice polyphonic string section.

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