Elektron Model:Cycles & Model:Samples Deal: Save $130!

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Elektron Model:Samples is a six-track sample based groovebox that packs a powerful punch and also fits into your backpack. Enjoy Elektron sequencer magic in our most affordable, compact, and lightweight instrument ever. Model:Samples ships with loads of pro quality samples and patterns to get you started - and has more than enough space for your own creations. Straightforward operation. All controls are right at your fingertips.Model:Samples - Drum machine | Elektron


The Elektron Model:Cycles is a compact groovebox that houses a six-track FM synthesizer engine. With a grid-style interface, intuitive sequencing, and extensive connectivity, it offers a versatile platform for electronic music production and live performance. Its FM synthesis capabilities produce a wide range of unique and dynamic sounds, making it a favorite among musicians and producers for its portability and creative potential.Model:Cycles - Drum machine and Synth | Elektron

What is the difference between Elektron samples and cycles?

The main difference between Model:Samples and Model:Cycles is that the Model:Samples generates sounds via samples (either preset sounds or user samples) the Model:Cycles generates sounds via FM synthesis.

If you have a strong preference for the FM synthesis sound and want extensive control over macros, Cycles is the way to go. When it comes to Samples, your modulation options are limited to parameters like pitch, decay, start, length, filter, distortion, effects, and panning. However, with Cycles, you have the exciting ability to modulate macros associated with the synthesizer parameters, and that's where the real creative potential lies. If you're open to allowing the tool to shape the direction, and maybe even the ultimate outcome, we recommend using Samples.

Take a tour of the Model:Cycles in the video below by Ricky Tinez. Great time to scratch that groovebox itch with $130 OFF retail on both Cycles & Samples!

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