10 Eurorack Modules You Should Look Into For 2023

Highlighting some our favourite modules released in 2022 from reputable manufacturers in no particular order. Hopefully these Eurorack modules will find a way into your racks in 2023 and inspire you to create your own universe of sounds, both classic and avant-garde. 

TipTop x Buchla: Eurorack 200 Series 

This was one of the big announcements from Superbooth 21 and everyone was patiently waiting for them to be released in 2022. Indeed, Buchla teamed up with Tiptop Audio to resume the production of Don Buchla’s 200 series and convert it to Eurorack standards that won’t bankrupt you. These extremely rare pieces of equipment made almost half a century ago are made available again, and this time to a wide audience.

Tiptop Audio has, so far, released five of six modules that were initially announced:

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ALM Pamelas Pro Workout

Building on the original ’Pamela’s Workout’ & ’Pamela’s NEW Workout’ the evolved ’PRO’ Pam maintains the precursors' form factor and intuitive workflow but improves and adds many new features with upgraded hardware, more CV inputs, a new full colour hi res display and rewritten software adding many new enhancements like micro grid timings and cross output modulations.

With Pamela’s NEW Workout being one of our most sold modules in the past few years, we're super excited to see this upgraded version come to life. ’Pamela’s PRO Workout’ is a compact programmable clocked modulation source providing 8 highly editable outputs that can produce everything from simple clocked triggers and complex rhythmic wave forms to quantized melodic patterns, random chaos and more, all correlated and synced to a BPM based master clock.e.

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Modbap Trinity

Modbap Modular recently introduced Trinity, the 4th module of its expanding Eurorack product lineup. Its a three-channel Digital Drum Synth Array, effectively performing as three drum voices in a 20HP module with a tip of the proverbial (electronic hi-) hat to the typical (kick, snare, and hi-hat) core elements of any modern beat-driven composition. 

Trinity’s midi over USB connection allows for midi control over various parameters via one USB cable. USB midi makes integration a cinch by connecting one USB wire from Trinity to a groove-box or computer-instant integration.

All in all, Trinity packs a hefty punch and weighs in at 20hp, 11 knobs, 3 drum channels, 3 trigger buttons, 4 drum synth algorithms based on 4 different types of synthesis, 24 CV inputs, 3 way output switching with 3 individual outputs, a mix output and a midi over USB connection. 

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Knobula Kickchain

Kickchain is the perfect pairing of a 909 inspired kick drum and side chain compressor. The main principle of side-chaining is to ensure maximum power and clarity between two clashing frequencies; ducking one source behind the other for a classic 'pumping' style effect.

Designed to work in tandem as a single easy to control module, Kickchain will  revolutionize your side chain workflow and help to get the kick drum through your mess of modular sound, making it a breeze to tame the very heartbeat of your music, intelligently managing low frequency artefacts and removing any clashing frequencies or overlapping transients. 

Not only can the Kickain module be used for sidechaining, it also features Spectral Compression. Spectral Compression analyses the two signals and intelligently EQs your sound to fit around the kick drum; making thousands of adjustments per second.

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Endorphin.es Ghost

Andrew Huang & Endorphin.es newest collaboration module is called Ghost! This is a multi-function effects and processing module, with delay, filtering, reverb, sidechaining and distortion, but not necessarily in that order - its, fluid due to some nifty DSP work from Endorphin.es that allows the user to rearrange the routing on the fly with just the press of a button.

The power of the Ghost lies in its complex stereo audio effect chain with 96kHz, 32­bit internal audio processing, consisting of 2 VCAs (pre and post), 3 distortion stages, a multimode filter, delay, reverb, compressor, and sidechain ducking envelope.

The thing to understand is that there are different modules within the module which you can reorder to achieve different outcomes. There’s no fixed structure, so you can carve out exactly what you need. You’ve got stereo effects in the form of delay,  reverb, and distortion. There’s a highpass/lowpass filter and a sidechain audio ducking envelope with a one-knob single-band compressor. 

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Make Noise XPO

The XPO or Stereo Prismatic Oscillator music synthesizer module is a Voltage Controlled Analog Oscillator designed for generating Sine waves, Triangle waves, Sawtooth and Spike waves, Sub-Octaves, Stereo Timbre Modulations (including Pulse Width Modulation and Wavefolding), Oscillator SYNC, Linear FM and more in the analog domain.

XPO is designed to be the Stereo VCO complement to our Stereo Filter, the QPAS. The two modules share the core idea of complex circuits being controlled in multiple dimensions in the stereo field by a few powerful parameters. The Stereo Prismatic Oscillator also makes a particularly useful patch buddy for the STO, Mimeophon, and X-PAN as shown in the video below.

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Qu-Bit Electronix Aurora

Aurora, a spectral reverb capable of a wide palette of sounds: from lush caverns and whale songs, to alien textures you've never created before. And likely, will invoke a hunger for exploration you felt when you first touched a modular synth.

This module uses a phase vocoder audio engine which separates the input signal's time and pitch domains. By blurring these signals you can achieve beautiful time-stretched tails, or cybernetic metallic effects.

Since Aurora’s sonic response is entirely dependent on the input signal, no two patches will sound alike, lending itself to an infinite world of surprise and discovery. 

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Bastl Instruments Pizza

Pizza is a compact digital oscillator with powerful wave shaping applied to FM synthesis. It offers a ton of flavor in a compact form, and it grants superb access with the assignable CTRL knob and CV, while its 3 different outputs allow for high patch flexibility.

The unique take on FM synthesis combined with waveshaping offers a vast sonic palette while staying intuitive. Pizza is perfect for hybrid synthesis! Waveshaping on MAIN output gives you the world of additive techniques, while the PULSE and OSC OUT speak the subtractive language where mixing the outputs into a filter will sound massive!

Because of its digital nature, Pizza does not have to be tuned, and its approach to tuning is different. You only go to the Tune mode when you actually need to. Otherwise, the PITCH knob serves as either octave transpose or detune. 

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XAOC Devices Sofia

Sofia is an unusual analog oscillator based on an original waveforming principle. The sound is a mixture of a warm saturated base tone and two modulating ripple elements. A wide array of control inputs coupled with separate outputs for numerous components of the sound shaping chain allows for extensive self-patching and complex animation of the final waveform.

The resulting range of possible sounds is surprisingly vast, including but not limited to: vowel-like, tearing hard-sync effect, woody pings, warm and fuzzy sine-like evolving tones with a touch of bright sparkle on top. Sofia pairs very well with filters, but it also shines with just a VCA. With 11 inputs for modulating and 6 outputs for creative routing or patching, Sofia is an experimenter's dream. 

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Dimension MK3 is a high quality and high definition, digital audio oscillator in the eurorack module format. It brings modern wavetable oscillators techniques, unprecedented computing power and flexibility in an incredibly small form factor. Its compatibility with the computer world of wavetable format standards and processing power will give your eurorack synthesizer access to endless new sonic textures and possibilities!

You can run it in Chord, Unison, Dual voice or Polyphonic modes. Polyphony is really down to plugging in a MIDI keyboard. But there’s plenty to do over CV with morphing between 8 wavetables and assignable modulation inputs. 

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