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Welcome to Aurora, a spectral reverb capable of a wide palette of sounds: from lush caverns and whale songs, to alien textures you've never created before. And likely, will invoke a hunger for exploration you felt when you first touched a modular synth.

Aurora uses a phase vocoder audio engine which separates the input signal's time and pitch domains. By blurring these signals you can achieve beautiful time-stretched tails, or cybernetic metallic effects.

Since Aurora’s sonic response is entirely dependent on the input signal, no two patches will sound alike, lending itself to an infinite world of surprise and discovery. 

Discovery. That’s why we’re all here.

Spectral reverb with true stereo audio IO

Phase vocoder audio engine running at 48kHz, 24-bit

Time stretched tails, icy shimmers, and voltage controlled whale songs

Front panel USB port provides easy firmware updates, user options, and more

Powered by the Daisy Platform 

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