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The Lillian from Walrus Audio is a true bypass, all analog, multi-stage Phaser.

With controls like Rate, Width, Feedback, and D-P-V blend, the Lillian is packed with a wide array of analog phaser goodness.

The Stages switch allows the user to select 4 or 6 stages which alters the overall voice. The D-P-V knob lets you blend between dry, phase shifted and vibrato sounds allowing for a wide range of control over the intensity and type of effect.

Top mounted input, output and power jacks as well as soft switch relay bypassing make the Lillian a great fit for any pedal board.

The Lillian comes in Emerald Sky Blue enclosure with artwork created by Cape Town illustrator, Christi du Toit and is inspired by Word War II pilot Lillian Yonally who traversed dangerous skies in the Woman Air Force Service Pilots program.

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