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Verbos presents a narrow but very effective oscillator with wavemultiplier, which extends the popular oscillator assortment of Verbos by a 12TE small, powerful player.

It starts with a sine wave. This can be picked up via three outputs with different waveshapers: The first one deforms the sine wave into a spike signal, the second into a square signal and the third into a sawtooth signal. For all three wave shapers, the degree of deformation is set via the Timbre parameter and the Richness parameter determines the degree of the wave multiplier (or wavecrumbler as Verbos calls it).

Both parameters have CV inputs with corresponding attenuators. On the input side, the oscillator also has a 1v/Oct input and an additional pitch CV input with attenuator. In addition to the three waveshaping outputs, there is also a square and triangle output, giving the module a total of five waveform outputs. Quite decent on 12TE.

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