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Wondering what "waveguide synthesis" is? Simply put, it's one of the coolest synthesis technologies ever created, establishing the application of Newtonian physics with synthesis to create true physical behavior modeling. Now you can add this awesome synthesis power to your Z-DSP Eurorack module with the Tiptop Audio Spring Waves expansion cartridge! In all, Tiptop Audio packed six Karplus-Strong and two Spring models into the Spring Waves Z-DSP expansion cartridge. But what do they sound like?

Here's how it works. You hit the Spring Waves with a pulse, burst of noise, or other sharp sound, and it reacts to the input like a bell, or a spring, or melodic glass. It's a self-oscillating circuit that sounds a bit like an FM synth. What's really cool about it is when you run something like a full synth or external audio through this beast of a DSP chip. That's when the Spring Waves becomes a strange sort of harmonizer, adding a glassy sheen on top of your material. We checked out what vocals sound like through the Spring Waves, and the synth guys totally love it. There are just so many things you can do with this Z-DSP expansion cartridge, and the more creative you get, the more the Spring Waves will reward you.

  • Synthesis and harmony expansion cartridge for Z-DSP Eurorack module
  • Waveguide Synth technology provides physical modeling synthesis
  • 8 onboard programs include 6 Karplus-Strong and 2 Spring models
  • Impulses will make the effects self-oscillate in bell- and glass-like tones
  • Run synths and vocals through the effect for cool and strange harmonies

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