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FSU Timbral Distortion + Time Bending.

Introducing an edgier, outright unhinged module to their effects line, Tiptop Audio's FSU offers destructive and warping distortions, odd time-based effects, and granular processes.

This multi-effects module contains 24 effects divided into three sections known as Distort, Glitch, and SOS (Sound on Sound). In the Distort category, FSU showcases a variety of ways to saturate and crush your input signals, emulating classic tape and bit crushing effects to more peculiar frequency shifters and ring modulators.

The Glitch category takes delay and pitch techniques that twists and bends the incoming signal to create effects like unstable shimmers and chorus', tape-speed playback, and even random granular jumbles. FSU's final category, SOS, offers a record and play looping effect much like it was originally done on tape, allowing you to explore your affected sound through some traditional means like varispeed and multiple playheads to more non-traditional degrading granular and plate reverb effects.

General controls include input gain and a dry/wet control — the drive/depth, filter/fback, and rate/gain controls all vary per patch, but the fidelity control handles the clock speed of the DSP effect, be it live or recorded. FSU is a great effects module to insert a wide array of gnarl and chaos into your patches.

  • Multi-effects module
  • 24 timbral distortion and time-bending algorithms
  • Distortion, glitch, and S.O.S. (sound on sound)
  • CV over effect parameters
  • DSP chip clocked by analog VCO
  • Input and mix level controls

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