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Live and Studio Sequencing

Hermod is perfect for the studio and the stage. Its intuitive design avoids menu diving for quick and easy control over parameters. You can record any performance via the CV inputs, or one of the other connections (including: USB and MIDI) and edit them down with effects. 

The step sequencer system is very precise and can be increased to over 512 steps, meaning the scope for composition is extremely wide. Use the piano roll to change pitch and rhythm or even use the randomization tool to create crazy patterns. Whether you’re into precise sequencing, arrangement, and composition or prefer to be as experimental as possible. Hermod has you covered. 

Deep Effects

Quantize, Swing, Arpeggiator, Random, Euclid, Harmonizer, Deley, and more. The list goes on on and on. The effects found in the Hermod are powerful and worth the price of admission alone. If you’re after a unit that adds yet more flavour and variety to your modular music then this powerful unit is a must have. Using modMatrix you can control the effects with the special EFFECTS mode, or with CC messages and CV inputs. Hermod unlocks your creativity. 


You can use Hermod as a simple mono CV/Gate voice or as a polymorphic track with up to eight voices. CV/Gate, velocity, aftertouch, modulation, or as clock track. By using Hermod to control polymorphic tracks, you can add a lot of unique flavour and control to your modular patch.

Connect and Interface

Midi USB devices, Midi Keyboard, Computers, Other Eurorack systems. All of these can be controlled using Hermod. Sequence external drum machines and synthesizers. Arrange a computer’s virtual instruments. Or connect it up to Squarp’s excellent Pyramid system. 


  • 8-track sequencer and interface
  • Polymorphic tracks
  • Live unquantised or step-based recording.
  • Real-time MIDI effects and effect automation.

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