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BiG SiX is designed to enhance your production capabilities at any stage of the process. From the SSL console grade faders to the advanced monitoring section and 18 channels of analogue summing at mix-down, the meticulously selected feature-set found on BiG SiX brings almost limitless creative options and engineering authority from large-format SSL consoles to your desk-top.

Key features

Four SuperAnalogueTM Mic / line / Hi-Z / 48V / HPF and polarity switch

Four SuperAnalogueTM stereo line level inputs with dual mono switching

Built in 16 channel  96 Khz / 24-bit USB interface with advanced routing

Essential version of G-Comp Bus Compressor with 'Auto' release

3 Band SSL LF/MF/HF EQ on every channel

Classic SSL channel dynamics processing

Listen Mic Compressor

Dual independent headphone outputs with source matrix

100 mm console grade faders

Professional metering

Comprehensive monitoring section

Two stereo cue feeds

Bus B / Mute switching

Two fully balanced stereo external inputs

Up to 18 inputs at mixdown

Mix Bus inject for cascading additional SiX/BiG SiX


Stereo inputs

BiG Six features four stereo SuperAnalogueTM line level inputs. These can be either be fed from 1/4 “ TRS balanced jack inputs on the rear of the unit or switched to the DA converters from the relevant USB returns.  The USB input is before the Trim gain control. To add further flexibility, the four stereo inputs can be switched to dual mono, or will automatically switch if only the left input is used.  

Monitoring / Headphones

In addition to the Main and Alt loudspeaker outputs with MON, DIM and CUT controls, BiG SiX has two independent stereo headphone outputs. By default, the headphone outputs follows the MONITOR SOURCE selection. The headphone outputs can also be switched to monitor Stereo Cue buses 1 & 2 independently of the Monitor selection.

Stereo cue

There are two stereo Cue sends on each channel of BiG SiX with independent level control. They are fed from channel pre-fader post-insert. Via the master section, each Cue send can be routed with a number of additional sources to provide FX sends and headphone mixes. To add further hybrid workflow flexibility, BiG SIX can re-route USB channels 9/10 and 11/12 from both sends to provide dedicated cue feeds to your DAW. Perfect for ITB effect processing."

Console grade faders

Channel level on BiG SiX is controlled by a 100mm long-throw SSL faders. If you have ever piloted an SSL console, you quickly realize not all faders are equal. With a large sweet spot around 0 dB, its easy to make subtle adjustments with confidence.

The notorious LMC...

At the top of BiG SiX is the legendary Listen Mic Compressor as originally found in the centre section of the legendary SL 4000E. With its smash everything attitude made famous by that drum take, it’s the ‘80s producers secret weapon.

Professional metering

Fast, accurate and detailed. The metering on BiG SiX represents professional  +24 dB and +18 dB standards and are fine tuned for both analogue and digital audio, letting you know exactly how hard you’re diving channels and hitting convertors.  


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