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Tessitura Tailor CV Transposer Kit.

Shakmat Modular's Tessitura Tailor Tailor is a 1U voltage transposer for Eurorack synthesizers. It features an input, output, and a stepped potentiometer for selecting a transposition amount. With a transposition range of -2V to +2V, Tessitura Tailor is a great way to add a manual transposition control to your sequencer or other pitch CV source.

  • 1U CV transposer
  • Adds or subtracts precise voltages from an input signal
  • Switch for selecting voltage offset from -2 to +2V
  • Simple octave transposer for sequencers or other pitch CV sources
  • Includes aluminum Intellijel 1U panel and black PCB Pulp Logic 1U panel

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