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* Available November 2022 

Blipblox SK2 synthesizer.

The all-new and exciting SK2 has a bunch of new features and a new paint job. 

Although, it looks pretty identical to the original. 

The idea is that it’s super easy to play with and generates great sounds and exciting lights. You’ve got one big handle for the filter and another for the…. tempo because speed up and slowing down is something you do a lot with a synthesizer.

But this is all about discovery. The SK2 has 400 built-in melodies, resonant multi-mode filters, wavetable synthesis running in 16 oscillator schemes, and finished off with a stereo delay. The front panel has a flow diagram of what goes into where and you’ll discover a pair of LFOs, modulation buttons, randomisation and buttons that do other stuff just for fun.

There are some new drum samples with pitch-shifting built-in that include all sorts of effects and vocal surprises. And the lights have been redesigned to thrill the pants off any passing toddlers. It’s also certified safe to chew and dribble on.

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