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The Mosquite Blender Expressio was a direct result of customer feedback. People wanted to be able blend in effects gradually or just be able to have different amounts of saturation throughout a live performance. An expression pedal input was the best solution.

With the original blender, there was only a knob available to control the amount of saturation. With the Expressio you can connect an expression pedal to be able to gradually blend or hands free control your amount of saturation.

Not only that, the Expressio has a built in BJF buffer. So if you were thinking about getting a high quality buffer, you can take out two birds with one stone by purchasing the One Control Mosquite Blender Expressio.
In Use

With an amp's Effects Loop
Just like the standard Mosquite Blender, the Expressio version can be used with an effects loop on most amplifiers. Since you have the ability to control the amount of saturation while in front of the amplifier, this is a great tool for fine-tuning your amp's tone during soundcheck or recording sessions.
Without an Expression Pedal
Even though you have the option to blend in effects with the expression pedal input, the Expressio version has a knob also so you can control the amount of saturation just like you would the standard blender. This means for only a bit more than the standard Mosquite blender you can add on expression pedals options and still have all of the same functionality as the normal Mosquite blender.


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