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The black fet100 Series KMS 104 Cardioid Condenser Vocalist Microphone from Neumann has been designed for close range use by instrumental and vocal soloists, and can also be handheld by singers. It offers high acoustic resolution and smooth frequency response (20 Hz to 20 kHz). This mic is also suitable for use with in-ear monitoring systems thanks to the low self-noise and crosstalk behavior.

It has a condenser microphone capsule with a cardioid directional characteristic, which suppresses sound originating from behind the microphone. It has a balanced, transformerless output and offers effective protection against pop-sounds. This cardioid microphone offers true sound transduction that is free of coloration.

The mic comes with the SG105 Stand Clamp that is designed for vocal microphones. It can be swiveled and has a 5/8"-27 threads in addition to a thread adapter to connect to 1/2" and 3/8" stands (sold separately). A padded nylon bag is also included.


Cardioid polar pattern with high level of feedback rejection
Without off-axis coloration
Built-in protection from pop-sounds
Suitable for use for vocal and speech applications on stage, as an announcer's mic for broadcasting/dubbing, in-ear monitoring, etc.


Carefully adjusted acoustic filter ensures high level of feedback protection
Transformerless, high-loadability impedance converter for handling sound pressure levels up to 150dB
Distinctive directional characteristic of the capsule is retained all the way down to the bass frequencies
Sibilants and "S" sounds are transmitted with their natural accentuation


Electronic compensation used for the proximity effect
Built-in high-pass filter with a cutoff frequency of 120 Hz (-3 dB, measured in a free sound field)
Low self-noise level of 18 dBA permits the microphone to be used at high gain levels without the risk of additional noise
High signal-to-noise ratio allows the mic to be used even from large distances
Transformerless output circuit allows microphone signals can be transmitted even through long cables (up to 984' / 300m) without loss of sound


Thick-walled metal housing for effective protection against handling noise
Microphone headgrille is made of hardened steel

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