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With several new instrument collections and what looks to be one of the most capable virtual synths on the market, Komplete 12 gives current users compelling reasons to upgrade and new users even greater incentive to take the plunge.

From heart-stopping drums and breathtaking cinematics to so-real-you’ll-swear-you’re-there grand pianos, winds and strings, guitars and basses, classic keys, and world instruments, Komplete 12’s colossal content library provides all you need to create engaging scores and modern music productions. Updates to version 12 include Kontakt 6, the latest in Native Instruments’ industry-leading sampler platform; Session Guitarist, whose lifelike rhythm and lead tracks will breathe fresh air into any ITB arrangement; and Massive X, a virtual analog synth with well over 1,000 inspiring presets. Komplete 12 also includes a full-featured FX suite with classic character EQs and compressors, a responsive transient designer, and more.

Kontakt 6

Native Instruments’ award-winning sampling engine is even better in version 6. Fully featured and easy to navigate, Kontakt 6 unlocks the full potential of your NI and third-party NKS libraries. Onboard scripting and audio routing make Kontakt 6 a true production and performance powerhouse.

Massive X

NI’s flagship wavetable synth heads in a radical new direction with Massive X, with more sounds and more delicious presets to stoke your analog and digital appetites. Highlights include a tweaky drag-and-drop modular architecture, onboard Monark and modeled filters, 6-voice unison, 10 waveshaping modes, and improved CPU efficiency.

Session Guitarist

There’s just no replacement for a strummed acoustic or driving electric guitar in a modern production. Session Guitarist includes the latest versions of two exclusive NI libraries — Electric Sunburst and Strummed Acoustic 2 — for lifelike, organic guitar textures on demand. Session Guitarist is like feeding your ideas through the mind of a session guitar player, with accurate strumming, chording, and leading.

Session Strings Pro 2

Komplete’s hypersampled 22-piece string ensemble will add new dimensions to your cinematic works and pop productions. Smart Play creates sophisticated diatonic harmonies based off single-note inputs. Rhythm Animator creates impressive patterns with step sequencer-like ease. And assignable articulations (slides, staccatos) give players touch control without advanced menu diving.

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