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A shortcoming of analog function generators: As soon as you edit the curve characteristics while being in cycle mode, the frequency changes. – Quite annoying, especially with the module being used as a VCO.

Tides 2 does not have this problem. You can utilize the circuit as a digital, voltage controlled AD / AR envelope or as an audio respectively low-frequency oscillator with dynamic wave shaping.

New in the second version: There are four outputs, which can emit detuned, de-phased or cross-faded signals. Algorithms and audio quality have been improved. The CV inputs are now equipped with bipolar attenuators.

Tides 2 differs from its predecessor as follows:

  • Bipolar attenuators for all important CV inputs.
  • More accurate and easier to use PLL / divider mode.
  • Alternate output modes to produce four detuned, de-phased, or crossfaded signals.
  • Various algorithm and audio quality improvements.

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