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The STEREO MIXER is a simple four channel stereo mixer for your Eurorack system.

We designed the STEREO MIXER because we needed a way to mix the different audio signals coming out of our modules. We wanted something that could handle both mono signals and stereo signals. We also wanted the module to be simple, elegant, and compact.

Each channel has two inputs: left and right. If you're using a mono source, just plug it into the left jack and it will be panned in the center.


  • 4 input channels
  • Supports both stereo and mono signals
  • Skiff-friendly shallow design
  • White panel with black markings and gold plated accents
  • Module designed to work with power cable plugged either way


  • For each of the four input channels:
    • Attenuation knob
    • Mix attenuation knob


  • For each of the four input channels:
    • Channel left input
    • Channel right input (normalled to the left input)


  • Left mix output
  • Right mix output

Inside the box

  • Stereo Mixer Module
  • Power cable
  • 2 M3x7mm Befaco Knurlies screws

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