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Touché is a USB / MIDI / CV expressive instrument designed to add expressiveness to synthesizers and plug-ins. Its highly sensitive and intuitive interface features a wooden skin which reacts to the smallest vibration and the lightest touch. It gives you dynamic control over your sound with simple and intuitive gestures. 

Touché can be used with or without a computer, and works hand in hand with the included software Lié. Lié is a plug-in host with a complete mapping interface and a preset browser. Lié also lets you select which MIDI CC and CV voltages the Touché sends, and saves the information into one of Touché's 24 memory slots. 

Touché and Lié come with a great selection of factory presets that work out of the box with the included UVI Workstation plug-in. Presets for a variety of other plug-ins (Native Instruments, Arturia, U-He….) and synthesizers (Moog, Dave Smith, Korg, Novation…) are also included. 

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