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The Death by Audio Soundwave Breakdown is a new take on fuzz. The Death by Audio took two matched transistors and turned them around backwards in the clipping circuit to unleash new and crazy fuzz, distortion, overdrive, and many other tones.

One knob sets bias to the transistors and the other knob gives heavy filtering. Unlike any other pedal, the Death by Audio Soundwave Breakdown gives you a different sound with every small movement of the knobs for an almost unlimited palette to create from.

There is no volume control on the Soundwave Breakdown and it does not "clean up" with your volume knob. In other words, the Death by Audio Soundwave Breakdown is not for weaksticks, wussies, mama's boys, or singer/songwriters.

This pedal has enough fuzz to scare a hippy into the shower.


- True Bypass
- Matched transistors
- Bias Control
- Filter Control
- Loud


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