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The Cre8audio West Pest Synthesizer combines the functionality of 5 individual modular synthesizer modules behind a single panel. Connect different functions using patch cables to create complex sounds and textures.

The West Pest signal path is divided into two types of signals: audio signals and control voltages. The audio signal is the sound that is produced. The audio signal path starts at an oscillator or other sound source. The audio signal is then patched through other functions used to shape the sound such a wavefolder or dynamics controller.

Control voltages (CV) manipulate the audio signal in several different ways. Gates are represented by a high (5 volts) or low (0 volts) control voltage. A gate can be generated using a pulse or square wave from an oscillator or modulation source, or by using the MIDI gate or clock output. A gate can be shaped using the Envelope to control the attack, decay, sustain, and release of the gate. The modified gate signal can then be sent to any Modulation CV input on the West Pest.

A second use for control voltages is as a modulation source. For example, a control voltage from the MIDI pitch output patched into the Contour Fold Mod input on the Waveform Contour module controls the fold intensity of the wave based on the midi note received. The LFO provides a separate low frequency oscillator that makes a perfect control voltage modulation source. Audio rate modulation signals also make a great CV source for oscillator FM (frequency modulation).

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