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Premium Instrument Cable - 18’.

Unmatched Fidelity for Guitar and Bass

Instrument cable with straight 1/4-inch connectors.

Crafted with the finest materials and carefully engineered for superior tone, BOSS premium instrument cables deliver the ultimate in sound reproduction for guitar and bass. The 18 AWG multi-strand center conductor is made with 99.99% pure oxygen-free mono-crystal copper, providing full, balanced tone with warmth, punch, and clarity. Braided mono-crystal copper shielding and 24K gold-plated connectors further enhance performance, while the stylish woven outer jacket coils smoothly and provides lasting durability. Whether you plug directly into your amp or through a multi-effects processor or pedals, BOSS premium instrument cables will elevate your music with unmatched fidelity.

Noise Free and Durable

The materials that surround the center core are also vitally important to overall performance. Made of the same high-grade copper as the core wire, our cables braided shielding provides a protective shroud for superior noise rejection and lasting durability. A PVC conductive layer around the center core further improves fidelity by eliminating handling noise as you move with the cable. Our connectors feature 24K gold plating, offering corrosion resistance and improved conductivity over common nickel connectors. Lastly, the handsome woven outer jacket provides another layer of noise rejection while keeping your cable free of kinks and tangles.

• Premium instrument cable specially designed for superior performance with guitar and bass

• 99.99% pure oxygen-free mono-crystal copper core wire for ultra-high fidelity

• Braided shielding with mono-crystal copper wire for maximum noise rejection

• 24K gold-plated connectors ensure precise sound reproduction and protect against corrosion

• Straight to right-angle models also available (BIC-P10A, BIC-P18A)

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