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Note: the Spring Amp II does not include a spring tank. For best results, use an 8ohm input impedance reverb tank.

Benidub’s Spring Amp II is an amalgamation of a Hi-Fi amplifier and 2-pole VCF. It is intended to bridge the gap between a traditional audio mixer and spring reverb tanks. To that extent, the unit is compatible with a variety of spring reverb tanks—so it is good to have a few different tanks on hand for a varied sonic palette. Just add a compatible tank and the fun begins!

  • Combination of HiFi amplifier and 2-pole VCF
  • Compatible with long and short chassis tanks
  • Dedicated front panel controls for Filter Cutoff and Resonance
  • LFO Rate and Depth controls
  • Reverb Tank Snd/Rtrn
  • LPF/HPF control
  • Modulation Select button selects between triangle LFO or Sample & Hold
  • Ships bundled with Hosa dual RCA cables


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