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There aren't many stompbox brands as cool, original and experimental as Beetronics!

They describe their Zzombee Filtremulator pedal as their "biggest project yet", a one-of-a-kind analogue multi-effect that delivers Filter, Wah, LFO, Randomized Filter, Tremolo, Swells, Overdrive, Fuzz, Low-Octave and the never-beefore-heard honey-patented Cross Tremolo (a very unique kind of tremolo that pulses between the fundamental and a low octave).

Its "unbeeliavable" analogue tones are enhanced by an innovative way of ramping and controlling modulation movements; using a momentary footswitch in the most musical ways. These interactive controls turn the Zzombee into an extension of your instrument, becoming an essential tool to expand your creativity!

The Beetronics Zzombee is crammed with various unique effects that would require a very complex rig to be recreated. That's because your instrument signal gets a 4-stage gain buzz selection and runs in parallel to a monophonic low-octave beast, in the most "Beetronical" style. The filter can be applied to either of these with the other remaining untouched.

Three modes of modulated filter can create wah-like effects, honey waves of LFO, or over 65,000 very musical random patterns! Three modes of modulated amplitude can create the cross-tremolo, traditional tremolo or volume swells. To top it off, this analogue bee is digitally parasitized and includes tap-tempo function, CV control, external tap and an expression out. You can also save presets!

  • Analog multi-effect pedal with digital control.
  • Filter, Wah, LFO, Randomized Filter, Cross-Tremolo, Tremolo, Swell, Overdrive, Fuzz, Low-Octave & more.
  • Monophonic low-octave version of instrument signal runs in parallel.
  • Instrument signal can go from dry to fuzz (4 gain stages available).
  • Mix instrument and low-octave-signals via “Bee” and “Parasite” controls.
  • 3 modes of modulated filter: Ramp, LFO, Mad (random patterns).
  • 3 models of modulated amplitude: Cross-Tremolo, Traditional Tremolo, Volume Swells.
  • Filter and amplitude modulation can either work on instrument or low-octave-signal.
  • Control ramping and modulation movements via built-in momentary footswitch.
  • Cross-Tremolo alternates between instrument signal and low-octave.
  • Equally usable for traditional and highly experimental sounds.
  • Works great on bass and keys.
  • Switch between Live and Preset mode.
  • Store and recall 5 presets.
  • Expression pedal and external tap input
  • Power: 9V DC, centre negative, 100mA minimum.
  • Designed and assembled in California USA.


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