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This elegantly designed bi-directional (figure 8) velocity ribbon microphone is intended for use in modern, state-of-the-art studios as well as private home studios. It offers the unique, pleasing sonic character that is similar to those classic ribbon mics of yesteryear.

The special dual-ribbon design offers a better sensitivity rating than most single ribbon mics on the market.

You will also find that it does NOT exhibit the very dark, muted character of some ribbon mics…On the contrary, you will find it to be full-range with a very, natural detailed sound.

The “in-phase” signal is achieved when the microphone is addressed from the front side of the mic. (Where the AVANTONE logo is shown)

The CR-14 excels in a host of uses including studio solo vocals, group vocals and simultaneous vocal duets.

Users also report extremely good results on piano, electric guitar cabs and acoustic guitars.

The inherent natural sound of the CR-14 makes it a great choice for orchestral, woodwind & brass instruments as well as hand-percussion instruments

· Unique, elegant “retro” body design
· Dual, Low-Mass Ribbon element which enables a much better sensitivity rating than most single ribbon designs
· Fast accurate transient response, ultra-high 148 dB SPL capability, and overall stunning realism
· Figure-8 audio directionality (pickup) pattern via front and rear, with extended sweet spots (as compared to Large Diaphragm condenser mics & single ribbon designs)
· Increased high frequency response on rear for tonal versatility ( like having two different mics! )
· Low residual noise
· No power supply required
· No internal active electronics to overload or produce distortion
· Manufactured using the finest materials yielding a very solid feel, superb structural integrity and rugged reliability

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