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The ALM mmMIDI is a compact and straightforward MIDI interface that allows for seamless integration of your MIDI and Eurorack instruments.

It takes MIDI clock and two channels of MIDI notes and converts them to CV and gate signals. The MIDI information is input via a MIDI TRS input with the included TRS to DIN adapter cable.

The clock output section has two outputs: run and x24. The run output stays high as long as the MIDI clock is playing and the x24 output is a 24 pulse-per-quarter-note clock output. This is the default clock setting found on the ALM Pamela's New Workout.

Both MIDI note channels have 1V/Oct, velocity, and gate outputs. The 1V/Oct and velocity outputs have a range of 0 to +8V and the gate outputs output at +5V.

There is an optional 3hp expander called mmT that adds eight trigger outputs that correspond to the notes printed on the panel.

  • MIDI to CV interface
  • Two channels with v/oct, velocity, and gate
  • 24 PPQN clock output
  • Run output stays high as long as the MIDI clock is active
  • Includes TRS to DIN adapter
  • Optional expander

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