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Alexander Pedals did a great job nailing ‘80s aesthetic with the first Radical Delay pedal. It’s now back and better than ever as part of the Neo Series. Think of it like Back To The Future 2 – deeper, darker, self-tying; more of everything that made the first brilliant.

You could use the pedal as a regular delay, but who wants to do that? This thing is built for crazy sounds to make you stand out above the rest.


The Radical Delay DX is packed with six delay modes: Dual, Arp, Rev, Dyna, Bend and Mod. These provide a huge array of flavours to colour your guitar tone. From pristine repeats in classic digital style to warbly space-age thuds, to sweeping reversed signals or floaty pitch shifts.

You really have ultimate control thanks to eight parameters accessed through holding down the Select button. Alexander Pedals have been nice enough to include four presets to get you started too.


Alter the Time knob to get up to a disgusting 5000ms sporadic delay. That’s over five seconds of time in between delays. Even Alexander Pedals admit it’s horrible, but I’m sure you wouldn’t listen.

Tweak is another interesting dial. Its utility depends on the mode you’ve set. It can take your tone and alter the pitch, deepen the effect or put everything in true reverse.


The Radical Delay DX has settings in a list as long as your arm. That’s why the option to connect an expression pedal, MIDI controller or Neo footswitch is so important.

There’s also a USB port you can also use for MIDI control or firmware updates.

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