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The Pittsburgh Modular Structure EP-420 Desktop Enclosure is professional-grade Eurorack desktop enclosure, providing up with 420HP of module space. The EP-420 Desktop Enclosure is ideal for live performances as well as studio work, allowing you to transport your Eurorack modules in a convenient and sleek looking enclosure. The enclosure combines high-end wooden craftsmanship with robust Structure power supplies, providing the perfect solution for storing and powering your modules. It features a three-row design, with each row boasting 140HP of space.

Ergonomic Layout

The three rows provide an ergonomic layout, with quick and easy access to all your modules. The enclosure's design features edge to edge rails, minimising the gap between modules and the side of the case for added flexibility. The exterior of the case features a beautiful hand-stained hardwood finish that not only looks good put helps to protect your modules from dust and other particulates. With its wide range of space and sleek aesthetic, the EP-420 is ideal for any serious modular user.

Power Supply & Connectivity

The EP-420 features a wide range of power connections comprised of 60 keyed, 16-pin Eurorack power headers. It comes complete with a universal IEC power connector, allowing you to connect and power virtually any Eurorack module. The enclosure provides you with 6 amps of +12V power, 6 amps of -12V power and 5 amps of +5v power. All these power connectors provide clean and filtered power for optimal audio performance. It also boasts fused power protection, overload/short circuit protection and line regulation ensuring optimal reliability. There is EMI filters for each of the 3 power rails, and the low output ripple and noise ensures exceptional audio fidelity and minimal colouration.



  • 6 Amps of Clean, Filtered +12v Power
  • 6 Amps of Clean, Filtered -12v Power
  • 5 Amps of Clean, Filtered +5v Power
  • Case wide 2 channel Eurorack system bus
  • 60 keyed 16-pin Eurorack power headers
  • External power switch with LED
  • Fused Power Protection
  • Universal IEC power connector
  • Discrete EMI filter protect all 3 power rails (+12v, +5v, -12v)
  • Low output ripple & noise
  • UL & CE Approved, RoHS Compliant
  • Overload and short circuit protection
  • Line Regulation (Full Load): ≤0.5 percent
  • Output Over Load Protection: 10 percent -150 percent
  • Hiccup mode with auto recovery


  • Hardwood and aluminium construction
  • Three 140hp rows
  • 420hp total space available
  • Edge to Edge Rails reduce gaps between modules and the side of the case
  • 30 Smooth sliding square nuts per rail ensures modules always fit perfectly (Holds up to 54 modules)
  • Includes 180 Black (Size 4-40 ¼-inch) module mounting screws
  • Beautifully hand-stained hardwood

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