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The Series Black LA-120 small diaphragm FET condenser microphone pair by Lauten Audio is a professional and versatile pair of microphones for instrument recording. At its core the LA-120 features a U.S. made ultra-low-noise JFET amplifier, interchangeable 17mm pressure gradient condenser cardioid and omni-directional capsules, 50 and 150Hz low-cut filters, 10 and 15kHz high-cut filters, and electronically balanced output. The low-cut filters help reduce boomy lows or low-end room rumble; the high-cut filters help tame bright rooms and sources. These features help you achieve excellent recordings regardless of your skill level.


redcheckmark Professional level classic inspired instrument condenser microphones
redcheckmark Ideal for capturing vibrant character and transients
redcheckmark Intelligent features get you great recordings with ease
redcheckmark Interchangeable cardioid and omni-directional capsules
redcheckmark 50 and 150Hz low-cut & 10 and 15kHz high-cut filters
redcheckmark Ultra-low-noise USA JFET amplifier for superior solid-state sound


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