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The Strom Mobile from Koma Elektronik is a dual-channel voltage converter made for powering electronic instruments using common USB power banks.

It features two 5V USB inputs and four DC barrel outputs separated into two channels, each of which can be configured to output 9VDC or 12VDC.

By default, the Strom Mobile comes with one channel's worth of cables, i.e. a high-current USB B cable and two DC-DC barrel connectors.

Thanks to the ingenious folks at Koma, desert techno jams, campfire ambient drones, mountaintop modular sessions, and more have never been simpler.

  • Portable 5VDC to 9VDC/12VDC power converter
  • Two USB inputs
  • Four DC barrel outputs
  • On/Off switch
  • LED current monitor display per channel
  • 9V/12V status LEDs
  • Includes 1 USB cable and 2 DC barrel connectors
  • Strom Mobile Cable Pack sold separately

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