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Part of the Erica Synths Black series of boutique-quality Eurorack Modules, the Erica Synths Joystick presents a unique way to interface with your Eurorack rig to craft unconventional modulation patterns. This sleek 12HP module features eight simultaneous CV outputs (with 90-degree phase-shifted outputs on the Y-axis), two gate outputs, and an engaging joystick controller for manipulating parameters. There are four operation modes to choose from: Joystick; Sinewave LFO/Drone Oscillator; Random LFO/Noise Oscillator; and SNEW (South-North-East-West) Panner.

In Joystick mode, ±5V are available to each of the X and Y outputs, and you can capture up to eight seconds of recorded motion for looping modulations. Sinewave LFO/Drone Oscillator and Random LFO/Noise Oscillator modes output low-frequency sinewaves and stepped random voltages, respectively, and offer control via the joystick over both amplitude and frequency. Synthesists like to take advantage of all eight outputs when using these modes to generate brain-bending textures that utilize numerous devices in their Eurorack rigs. Finally, SNEW panner mode excels at controlling several VCA, VCFs, and other modules simultaneously, and also allows for recorded motions — it’s awesome for adding dynamic variations to repeating sequences! Wrap your tentacles around the Erica Synths Joystick 2 module and get ready to interact with your Eurorack rig in entirely new ways!

Prized for their weighty tones and hypnotic drones, Erica Synths' Eurorack modules fortify your sonic arsenal with unique sounds that work brilliantly cross-genre. The company was founded by Girts Ozolins, who started out designing DIY kits and components for sound designers and synthesists.


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