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Universal Audio UAFX Amp PedalsSomething that sets UAD interfaces aside from other manufacturers' offerings is the utilization of what UAD call “Unison Technology.” With Unison Technology, the physical components inside the interface itself will behave differently depending on what plug-in is inserted on a given channel. 

A simple example: say you were to plug a guitar into the 1/4” input on the front of UAD interface, in order to monitor that guitar, you would need to have the signal come through a channel in your DAW or through the UAD Meter & Control Panel (UAD’s virtual mixer and routing console application). Depending on which Unison compatible plug-in you place on your guitar's channel strip, the behaviour of the circuitry inside of the interface will change in order to help replicate the nuances of analog hardware that a given plug-in is replicating.

Even though the core of the signal processing is rendered digitally, changes in things like impedance levels and gain-staging earlier on in the signal path have an effect on the way a signal behaves once it leaves the analog domain and is converted to a digital signal for further processing. This facilitates accurate replications of vintage and sought after analog effects processing units, like UAD’s own compressors and preamps. 

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