GameChanger Audio 5 Year Anniversary SALE!
Until September 7th, get 20% OFF for PLASMA, COIL, and LIGHT Pedals ⚡ To celebrate their 5 year anniversary, GCA has allowed us to offer you some of their iconic pedals at 20% OFF through Labor Day.

Gamechanger Audio is a team of musicians and engineers out on a mission to bring more real innovation and originality into musical devices.

The company started out in 2015 with an idea to build a piano-style sustain pedal for guitars and all melodic instruments. They chose their bold name “Gamechanger Audio” so it can serve as a constant reminder - that each new product is a challenge to create something that’s never been done before.
Five years ago on August 23rd, 2017 Gamechanger Audio shipped out their first pedal. That is the real date when Gamechanger Audio became a manufacturer.

To mark this occasion - GCA are hosting an Anniversary Sale and launching a special 5 Year Anniversary page on their website, designed to give the full story behind their innovative products, as well as sharing a lot of cool behind-the-scenes content.


gamechanger audio plasma pedalIt creates heavy distortion by amplifying an audio signal up to 3500 Volts and transforming it into electrical discharges. You are literally playing a bolt of electricity. The blue light visible on the pedal's front panel is the actual electrical arc created by the audio input as it travels between two electrodes on either end of a specially designed xenon-filled gas discharge tube.



The LIGHT Pedal combines all the best features of a classic spring reverb with an innovative infrared optical sensor system and a unique effects section. This allows to capture the spring tank's full range of movement and pick up a much wider range of frequencies, harmonics, overtones, and textures that are otherwise lost in the mechanical reverberation process. Create countless new types of reverb textures that have never been possible before.



Gamechanger Audio's first official Signature Artist pedal - created together with Jack White and Thirdman Records .At its heart is Gamechanger’s innovative High Voltage Distortion technology that expresses audio signals as a series of electrical discharges. Even though they’ve been printing the words “High Voltage Rock’n’Roll” on t-shirts since 1973, PLASMA Distortion is the first commercial musical device that literally amplifies the audio signal to 3500 Volts.

While the engineers at Gamechanger Audio are out there working on their next crazy invention - its the perfect time to add a little GCA Magic to your sound and show your support for those pushing the boundaries of music technology!

Here's for another five years!