Blackhole eventide promo plugins MicroPitch Delay UltraTap TriceraChorus pedals guitar

For a limited time, owners of Blackhole®, MicroPitch Delay, UltraTap, and TriceraChorus pedals can receive a FREE plug-in version of any of those pedals! 

Get a FREE plug-in when you purchase an Eventide Blackhole, Micro Pitch Delay, UltraTap, or TriceraChorus pedal thru January 31, 2022.

How does it work?

It’s easy! Purchase a dot9 pedal and register the pedal to your Eventide account. Go to this page to redeem your free plug-in.

What plug-in do I get?

Each dot9 you have registered to your account gives you one credit to use toward the following plug-ins:

For more details, visit the Eventide Audio website