TEENAGE ENGINEERING TX-6 field mixer portable

Here's what's new with the teenage engineering TX–6 firmware update 1.1.4. It features USB mass storage recording capability so you can record wherever you are, as well as PO-sync output and external MIDI CC control.

TX–6 firmware update teenage engineering

Here’s some of the update highlights:

  • USB mass storage disk record/playback for 24-bit 48 kHz stereo wav files, including armed recording with automatic start on audio detect.
  • PO-sync output on aux and cue, with selectable 8th note for PO-sync and 16th note for modular systems.
  • External midi control of all TX–6 parameters, for complete remote control over midi.
  • Extended midi support for synth mode to play the synth chromatically using midi notes from an external keyboard.
  • Added ‘scenes’ to save and load all settings.
  • USB audio multiple sample rate support: 48 kHz and additionally 44.1 kHz, for compatibility with MPC live etc.
  • BLE midi clock in/out support with clock routing settings.
  • BLE host mode to connect peripherals like BLE midi keyboards.
  • Switchable aux and cue outputs, to be able to utilize the higher output level of the aux jack if needed for high impedance headphones.
  • Added balanced mono input mode in addition to the stereo / mono / split modes.
  • Parameters keep their values until a knob is moved, making it easier to switch knob config without undesired behavior.
  • No snap back of the freeze FX parameter. click to reset instead.
  • Smoother change of FX I send.
  • Stability bugfix for usb midi host mode.
  • USB audio mode set on menu exit, instead of directly

Where can I buy a TX-6?

TX–6 field mixer is the new ultra-portable pro-mixer and audio interface from teenage engineering. Order yours here!

How do i update the firmware?

Visit the downloads page on Teenage Engineering's website and follow the steps to update your TX-6. The user guide has also been updated to cover the new functionality. (and in case you're wondering: no, the flash drive in the photo is not a product...yet!)