Akai Pro's STEMS Feature Set to Revolutionize Music Production

In the ever-evolving landscape of music production, innovation is key to staying ahead. Akai Pro, a renowned name in the music industry, is once again making waves with its upcoming release – the Stems feature. This groundbreaking addition is poised to transform the way artists create and manipulate sounds, offering a new level of flexibility and creative control.

A New Dawn In Sampling Is Here

Stems is an exciting new feature designed to empower musicians, producers, and DJs with unparalleled control over their music. Stem files, which have gained popularity in recent years, allow users to separate a track into individual elements such as drums, bass, vocals, and more. This enables greater customization and manipulation of the music during the production process or live performances.

MPC Stems allows you to separate audio and samples into 4 layers inside MPC Desktop software. Simply load or record a sample and press “Create Stems”.

Select any of the four MPC Stems layers you want to extract from your sample. Choose from Vocal, Bass, Drum, or Other (Melodic) elements inspiring new creative ideas 

MPC Stems

Key Features:

  1. Dynamic Stem Isolation: Stems introduces a cutting-edge algorithm that seamlessly isolates individual stems within a track. This means users can effortlessly extract vocals, drums, or any other element with unparalleled precision, offering limitless creative possibilities.

  2. Real-Time Manipulation: The real magic of Stems lies in its real-time manipulation capabilities. DJs can now dynamically adjust and remix tracks on the fly during live performances, injecting a new level of energy and spontaneity into their sets. This feature is not just limited to DJs; producers can experiment with different arrangements and textures during the production process.

  3. Enhanced Collaboration: Collaboration is at the heart of music creation, and Stems aims to streamline the collaborative process. With the ability to export and share individual stems, artists can easily exchange ideas and collaborate remotely. This feature fosters a more connected and efficient workflow, especially in today's globalized music landscape.

  4. Integration with AKAI PRO Hardware: Akai Pro has always been synonymous with top-notch hardware, and the integration of the STEMS feature with their existing range of controllers and production tools is a game-changer. Seamless compatibility ensures a smooth and intuitive user experience, allowing artists to focus on their creativity without any technical hindrances.

  5. Open-Source Compatibility: Recognizing the diverse range of software used in the music production community, Stems supports open-source formats, making it compatible with a wide array of digital audio workstations (DAWs) and software instruments. This inclusivity ensures that artists can incorporate the Stems feature into their existing setups without any constraints.

Generate Stems In Seconds

How To Get MPC Stems

MPC SeriesReady to elevate your sampling production game? MPC Stems is now available to purchase for just $9.99. Experience the ultimate creativity with cutting-edge sampling technology and intuitive workflow, fully controlled by the latest MPC hardware. Step up your sampling production game today!

MPC Stems requires MPC 2 Desktop Software running 2.14 or higher, compatible with MPC Live, MPC Live 2, MPC One, MPC One +, MPC X, MPC XSE, MPC Key 37, MPC Key 61, MPC Studio Mk 2 in Controller Mode.

For more info and release date details, visit Akai's website HERE.