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The UDO Super 6 takes clear inspiration from the Roland polysynths of yesteryear, while simultaneously applying their own design ideas to create a synth unlike anything that came before it. With a fully stereo signal path, FPGA-based oscillators, analog filters, and 192kHz, 24-bit effects, this 12-voice hybrid behemoth will do everything from classic Roland pads and supersaws to swarming, modulated textures unlike anything else.

Each voice offers two FPGA-based DDS oscillators, each providing a unique set of sonic options. The first is a "super-wavetable" oscillator...a lot like a supersaw, but with the potential to use considerably more complex waveshapes as its foundation. Users can alter the phase of this oscillators' individual instances across the stereo field, creating a strikingly deep stereo image. The second oscillator functions as a more typical analog-style oscillator: classic waveshapes, with hard sync, a suboscillator, and of course, PWM.

The sound then passes into a resonant highpass filter and onward to a resonant 4-pole lowpass, both fully analog. The highpass may be set to a fixed cutoff frequency, or its response can be coupled to the lowpass in order to create bandpass-like effects. The lowpass filter self-oscillates, can track the keyboard, and offers a number of direct modulation options, allowing for complex filter-based sound design techniques. The sound then passes through analog VCAs and into a 192kHz stereo chorus and delay section, drenching the already huge sound in waves of lush stereo goodness.

The center of the instrument is a complex modulation matrix, where the two envelopes, LFOs, keyboard, and external control sources collide to define complex sonic interactions well beyond the capability of the 1980s synths the UDO resembles. This is one of the many places the Super 6 truly shines: while it clearly has a strong legacy preceding it, it provides a tremendous number of options for breaking free of the past into entirely new ways of sound-making.

All of this combined with a velocity and aftertouch-capable Fatar keybed, built-in arpeggiator, built-in sequencer, and remarkable build quality gives the Super 6 its own unique place in the world of polyphonic synthesizers.

  • Twelve-voice polysynth with fully stereo signal path
  • Inspired by classic Roland designs with an eye toward the future
  • Hybrid architecture using a mix of FPGAs and analog processing
  • Binaural signal path for creating stereo movement at every level of the sound
  • DDS-based main oscillator with stereo "super wavetable" engine and downloadable waveforms
  • DDS-based second oscillator with FM, sync, suboscillator, and other tone shaping options
  • Flexible modulation with stereo LFOs, envelopes, and extensive modulation matrix
  • Stereo 24-bit, 192kHz Roland-style chorus and delay
  • Fatar keybed with velocity and aftertouch control
  • Integrated arpeggiator and 64-step sequencer

This product has been unboxed and opened. It is in near-mint condition and show virtually no signs of use. It comes with all the original accessories and packing. This is a final sale but includes the manufacturer’s full warranty.

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