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Circadian Rhythms Grid Sequencer.

Tiptop Audio's Circadian Rhythms is an expansive grid sequencer with an impressive array of functionality; seriously, this module is dense. The module's sequencer features eight channels, 512 steps, and generates pristine clock and reset signals for synchronizing with a DAW.

Circadian Rhythms allows users to quickly chain, loop, repeat, loop, and manipulate patterns in real time via an intuitive interface, making it especially great for live performances. Even more, the module offers extensive visual control over each channel's settings, with the ability to view all 64 steps or each channel side-by-side. Additionally, the module displays clear note data and settings information and contains rear connections for another Circadian Rhythms module and Tiptop's Trigger Riot sequencer.

  • Sequencer for Modular Music Composers
  • Intelligent eight-channel, 512-step master trigger sequencer
  • Multi-channel patterns of musical phrases can be repeated, looped, chained, muted and manipulated on the fly
  • Simple, clearly labeled interface
  • Multi-color illuminated buttons and innovative grid views
  • Four horizontal views of the timeline
  • Two unique vertical views that scale from macro to micro
  • Switch between viewing 64 Steps at once or all 8 Channels side by side instantly
  • Built around 72 Buttons set as a multi-color illuminated 8x9 array
  • Displays both Note Data ad Settings in a clear ad precise manner
  • Generates high precision clock and reset signals to synchronize all other sequencers and devices in any modular system (clock jitter and latency measured in mere microseconds for the ultimate feel of groove)
  • High precision bridge for DAW synchronization
  • 4 Modes of Clock Sync for interfacing with other modules, hardware, or software
  • Gates can be stretched over multiple patterns to drive envelopes or use Zoom View to move a single hit back a few milliseconds in time to get grooves in the pocket!
  • SyncBus Technology - Enables the Circadian Rhythms to connect to any number of other SyncBus devices with the highest possible level of synchronization
  • A SyncBus Master directly injects its Core Clock and Running Status into every connected unit so they work seamlessly as one device
  • Hook up two Circadian Rhythms to a make a 16-Channel Device or add Trigger Riots for further experimentation (Connection at rear)

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