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QSC's AD-C82R loudspeaker is acoustically identical to their AD-C821R and is designed for music playback, public address and distributed audio in applications that require high output from a ceiling mounted loudspeaker.  The AcousticDesign™ Series of installation loudspeakers has been designed for trouble-free operation and versatility.  The AD-C821R uses custom designed transducers and crossover networks as a fully integrated, sealed system (AD-C821R).

The AD-821R is a fully integrated, factory sealed system using a "dog-ear" style mounting scheme. When ordered as a system, a set of tile rails and a split ring are included as is a round or square grille.

The 8" woofer is equipped with a treated paper cone on a steel frame.  In the optimized enclosure the usable low frequency of the system extends to 52 Hz.  The 1.4" compression driver fires through the center of the woofer and is acoustically mated to the woofer for a smooth transition at crossover.  The system achieves 90 degree axisymmetric coverage.

High-current, low tolerance network components provide smooth full-range, passive performance.  The included 70V/100V, custom designed transformer is optimized for low line loss as well as accurate and transparent acoustic performance.

The AD-C821R loudspeaker measures 91dB sensitivity (1W/1m) and at full continuous power is capable of producing 114 dB SPL (1W/1m) output.

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