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From the mind of Todd Wolfgram comes the hand-built, all-analog Malekko Wolftone Fetish Distortion pedal.

The Fetish is a class A, two stage preamp boost that works with your amp to create organic sounding dirt that ranges from an almost clean boost to a very heavy distortion effect. The Fetish preserves the quality of your guitar’s sound, cleans up with a turn of the volume knob, and responds to your pick attack for a lighter or heavier distortion effect.

Simple controls include a Volume knob, a Tone control that filters out the highs, and a Push control that works with the 3-way Field switch to dial in the range of frequencies emphasized in each gain setting. The Field switch selects the level of gain, and determines which range frequencies will be emphasized.

With the Field switch at 0, the lowest gain setting, the push switch sweeps from mid heavy to brilliant high tones. At 2, the next highest gain setting, the low end is emphasized, and at 1, maximum gain is adjusted for midrange response from dirty overdrive to metallic distortion.

The Fetish operates on any standard  9v power supply or battery.

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