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The Malekko Analog Chorus is an astonishing sounding chorus pedal in a miniature package from the new Omicron series.

With near zero pedal board real estate taken up by this new offering from Malekko, the Omicron Series Analog Chorus is sure to impress even the most die-hard tone snob.

The secret to the Malekko Analog Chorus is in the use of the MN3007 IC's.

This is a much sought-after in the DIY and after-market builder circles of pedal makers because of its delivery of pristine tone without unwanted frequencies. These unwanted frequencies are problematic in many chorus pedals, but not in the Malekko Analog Chorus.

Just pristine, true bypass lush chorus effect. Not only is the Omicron Analog Chorus compact, but it has an ultra simple operation.

The Speed knob will take you from lush, slow moving waves of choral bliss to warbly chorus effects.

The Depth knob can dial in subtle chorus effects for chord work, or some very noticeable effect for solos.

The Malekko Omicron Analog Chorus can be powered either through 9vdc or use a 12vdc for a fuller, more lush sound with more headroom. A very nice touch on such a sweet pedal.

Malekko really outdid themselves in the acquisition of the coveted rare MN3007 IC for the Omicron Analog Chorus pedal.

Leave it to the folks at Malekko to deliver a truly lush and transparent chorus pedal that not only sounds brilliant, but has the option of being powered with 12vdc for a different tonal characteristic.

From warm waves of choral delight to leslie-type effects, the Malekko Analog Chorus is an incredibly rich and warm chorus pedal that will astound even the most discriminating pedal geek.


  • MN3007 IC
  • Speed Knob
  • Depth Knob
  • Powered either from 9v or 12v
  • Ultra compact design


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