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Joystick recorder.

Small compact joystick module with recording function.

The module can record the joystick movement up to a length of over a minute.
The sequence remains stored in the battery-backed RAM after switching off.
When playing the sequence, it can be manipulated in speed and playback direction.

There is a FREEZE function to hold the current joystick position plus an external reset input.
In addition, a GATE is set during movement and a CV voltage is output as a function of the joystick movement.
The ranges of the X / Y output voltages are bipolar +/- 5v or unipolar from 0 to + 10v.
Both channels X and Y have a passive attenuator potentiometer, so that the voltage range can also be set lower.


CV-Out-X: CV output X-axis bipolar or unipolar
CV-Out-Y: CV output Y-axis bipolar or unipolar
CV-OUT MOVE: CV output joystick movement 0..+5v
Trigger-In: Trigger input Reset/Start
Trigger-out: Trigger output Reset/Start signal ca. 10ms lenght
Gate-ACTIVITY: Gate output joystick movement

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