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ATH-M50x White professional monitor headphones.

"M50" recognized by the world's next-generation models. To meet the needs of high resolution monitoring headphones.
  • Large diameter high magnetic φ 45 mmCCAW voice coil drivers in information content rich high resolution playback.
  • Adopt oval-shaped earcups increase sound insulation and comfortable monitoring even in use for a long time.
  • Single ear monitoring possible 90-degree flip monitor mechanism.
    Adopted useful before and after the 90-degree flip monitor mechanism when monitoring headphones hanging from the neck.
  • New employed head sleeves material provides high durability.
  • Adopt a maintenance be easily detachable code (bayonet locking).
  • Comes with 3 detachable cord use scenes to suit.
    (1.2 m car cord, 3 m 1.2 m straight cable, straight code)
  • Portable folding mechanism.
  • Ideal for studio recording and mixing.
    Achieved in the wide range of unique monitoring headphones with flat characteristics high resolution monitoring. The TrackMaker and DJ is recommended.


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