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Our new SUSTAIN case is perhaps our most versatile case to date. The convenience and ease of portability can not be understated. Similar to our original SUSTAIN case, it features a very comfortable handle and straps so it can easily be worn as a backpack. This makes for an extremely user-friendly way to travel with your synth.

It provides many of the same benefits of a traditional hard case, but weighs significantly less. It’s extremely durable, thanks to the ¾ foam padding and rigid molded plastic panels, and retains a firm shape, providing excellent protection for your synth. The case is made of high-quality, premium materials that are made to last.

True to the spirit of Analog Cases, this case has been carefully designed to the exact dimensions of modern mini-synths like the Wavestate, Minilogue, Jupiter XM, and Behringer MS-1. That means there’s a snug fit, and your synth won’t be sliding around in the case.

Comfort was the focus when designing this case. The handle is made from extra thick foam, and the straps are superior to what you’ll find on generic backpacks. The overall quality of materials is evident when you get your hands on this case. In fact, it’s the only high-end bag on the market for smaller synths. It comes with 4 foam dividers with velcro allowing for easy customization of the interior to carry different configurations of devices, such as smaller synths, or multiple devices at once.

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