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Intuitive and beautiful! – With the Seq, even people normally opposed to step sequencers will have lots of fun.

Thanks to its body, which is made of oak and aluminum, the machine looks more like an acoustic instrument than an electronic device. – And it feels like that as well! 256 patterns with eight tracks and 32 steps each wait to be filled with musical ideas.

Working with the unit is easy as pie. Despite the Seq’s wide range of functions, every parameter can be reached in just one or two steps. - Very inspiring!

The Seq is designed as a MIDI-only sequencer. CV, gate, velocity and modulation outputs can be added with the poly Module (sold separately). The Seq itself features a MIDI DIN input, a thru socket and two outputs. For connecting a PC or tablet, there is a bi-directional USB port. This means that Seq can be used as an elegant composition center for computer-based setups. Thanks to the sequencer’s easily understandable routing system, controlling several synthesizers and a PC / tablet / smartphone in parallel is not a problem. Last but not least, there is a foot switch input which can be used for start, stop and record commands.

Seq features eight tracks with up to 32 steps per pattern. The length and playback direction (forward, backwards, alternating, random) of sequences can be defined per channel. Different settings per track lead to interesting, more or less random melodies and rhythms. 256 sequences, containing information for all eight tracks, can be stored inside the Seq. The step buttons are used to select patterns. – Very comfortable! Thanks to its auto save function, the machine always remembers the musical ideas of the last session.

In addition to pitch and note length, it is also possible to record velocity information and a modulation CC value per step. Furthermore, there is a roll function which allows you, using the various velocity curves, to create dynamic ratcheting effects. - Great for programming lively drum patterns. Sequences can be transposed, shifted and muted plus there is a global swing parameter.

For programming sequences on a per-step basis, there are 256 silicon buttons. Alternatively, notes plus additional data can be recorded via an external MIDI controller. It is even possible to input chords in one run. A built-in quantizer helps to get the timing right. If there’s a lack of inspiration at some point, you can start off with generating some random patterns.

The Seqs functional range is constantly expanded via firmware updates. Therefore, it is worth taking a look at the manufacturer’s website from time to time. For example, a message has just come in that the Seq now offers 39 scales and 20 predefined chords. The random functions have been expanded and you can now edit the gate time per step. On top of that, Polyend optimized the behavior of the potentiometers and the workflow.

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