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Building off of PLAYdifferently’s acclaimed Model 1, the Model 1.4 delivers that familiar next-level performance for DJs and electronic musicians in a 4-channel mixer. Featuring a smart set of inputs and outputs, a dual cue system for back-to-back DJ sets, and rugged dual-rail 60mm faders, the Model 1.4 is a DJ mixer that any artist will appreciate. From onboard analog overdrive to contouring filters and sculpting EQ on each channel, you are guaranteed to have everything you need to perform with studio-quality sound. Created with years of testing and feedback by professional performing DJs and electronic musicians, the PLAYdifferently Model 1.4 is a highly-capable performance instrument.

All four stereo input channels on the PLAYdifferently Model 1.4 mixer can be fed either from the phono line inputs (two with high-quality phono preamps and turntable binding posts), or the balanced DB-25 input. Internally, the Zero Crossing detection circuitry minimizes unwanted sonic artifacts that could potentially occur when toggling the master EQ or master filter on and off. On the way out, your choice of balanced XLR or DB-25 outputs deliver high-fidelity sound with ultra-low noise.

Every input channel on the Model 1.4 mixer offers analog overdrive — even the stereo effects returns. Use it to adjust the level at which the channel preamp clips the input signal, creating as much or as little harmonic distortion as you want. But be mindful of your overall mix — DJs have found that the analog drive sounds so good, it's easy to overdo it.

It's obvious that PLAYdifferently listened to artists when you look at the Model 1.4's Sculpting EQ and Contour filters found on each channel. The highpass and lowpass Contour filters are designed to sound transparent, with very little resonance at the cutoff frequency — perfect for fine-tuning the high and low ends of any spectrum. Plus, the Sculpting EQ has an asymmetric response with 8dB of boost and -20dB of cut, a smart range for either adding a highlight to a track or cutting unwanted sonic clutter.

The Model 1.4 mixer offers two separate cue systems. Two DJs can perform on the mixer together, each selecting a separate channel to monitor without interfering with the other. It also makes it much easier for one DJ to hand off to another in a smooth, natural fashion. If you're using two Model 1.4 mixers linked together, the two cue systems are joined to allow interactive cueing between performers.

If you rely on external effects processors in your live rig, you know the pain of using a mixer without dedicated returns for each of its aux sends. The Model 1.4 offers two stereo effects sends, with a dedicated return for each. And just like every other input, the returns offer analog overdrive for adding harmonic richness or distortion. The returns can be routed to both cue systems, and each features a level meter to help you keep your signal levels in check. The combined Low Cut EQ and Master Filter for both returns make it much easier to keep your mix clean and tight.

Each channel on the Model 1.4 mixer has a Filter select switch that routes that channel through the Master Filter section. With separate lowpass and highpass filters that can be engaged at the push of a button, you'll be able to quickly create sweeps for transitions or momentary filter effects.



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