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The Strymon StarLab packs a grand reverb engine and time-warped sounds into a 28HP Eurorack module.

The unit goes even further, allowing you to transform the reverb with a comprehensive LFO section, shimmer and glimmer harmonic effects, and high- and low- dampening filters. Plus, StarLab includes a built-in Karplus-Strong synthesis engine for producing opulent strings and pads. Send your sonic creations beyond the deepest reaches of the galaxy with the StarLab Eurorack time-warped reverberator module from Strymon.

Strymon’s goal in developing StarLab was to empower Eurorack users with the lushest digital reverb available. This next-generation algorithmic reverb provides a wealth of ambient spaces, from snappy rooms to otherworldly, nearly infinite decays. Access three unique reverb structures using the texture control: sparse for a granular-sounding verb, dense for rich plate-like tails, and diffuse for a blooming ambience and reverse effects. Additionally, shimmer and glimmer controls allow you to enhance the reverberant space with tuned musical intervals and additional harmonic content.

On top of being an outstanding reverb unit, StarLab includes a built-in Karplus-Strong string synthesizer. Karplus-Strong utilizes super-short delay times and extended feedback cycles to transform short, plucked sounds into ethereal strings and pads.

Strymon focused on hands-on performance when designing the StarLab module, and the result is a reverb effects module that plays like an instrument. All the controls have been tuned to reward real-time knob tweaking, delivering highly musical results even at extreme settings.


  • 3 selectable reverb structures offer a wide range of ambient textures
  • Adjustable shimmer control adds musical intervals to the reverberated signal up to ± 1 octave
  • Glimmer dynamically enhances the harmonic content of the reverb
  • Generate lush strings and pads with the built-in 4-octave Karplus-Strong synthesis engine
  • Use the filter section to shape the tone of the effect — with a selectable 4-pole variable-resonance filter
  • Infinite mode freezes the input audio before the reverb tank for generating endless drones
  • Save and access up to 4 custom presets directly from the front panel
  • CV input jacks for controlling parameters via external devices
  • Size: 28HP wide, 41mm deep
  • Power usage: 210mA (+12V), 210mA (-12V)

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