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The NEW eurorack module from E-RM, the Polygogo, is a digital oscillator that is based on Polygonal Synthesis – a new form of synthesis created by Maximilian Rest, the founder of E-RM.

This module provides an OLED screen, from which you are given a visualization of the polygonal oscillation shape and pattern; this shape directly corresponds to the controls and adjust made to the signal. For example, the number of vertices and their displacement on the polygon defines the fundamental tone and harmonic ratio.

The module also provides panning possibilities with its stereo oscillation and rotational modulation effect, which can double as a vibrato. As well as including frequency modulation and wave crushing, each of these parameters will effect the shape of the polygon, giving a clear visual understanding of how your sound is being affected.

Width: 32hp

Depth: 26mm

Power: 110mA@ +12V / 15mA @ -12V



E-RM Polygonal Synthesis technique

384 kHz internal sample rate

24 bit / 96 kHz stereo output

High contrast OLED interface

Six performance sliders for all main parameters

Eight fine tune potentiometers / precision attenuators respectively attenuverters

Three push buttons with LED feedback for selecting a mode of operation

Sound shaping Parameters:

Pitch (slider, potentiometer)

Order (slider, potentiometer)

Teeth (slider, potentiometer)

Roll (slider, potentiometer)

Operator Ratio (slider, potentiometer)

Operator Amount (slider, potentiometer)

Exponential FM Input (potentiometer)

Fold (potentiometer)

V/oct and exponential FM inputs (24 bit / 96 kHz)

Six actively filtered CV inputs (16 bit / 6 kHz)

One trigger input for hard sync 

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