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Open Box Unit

This digital hybrid synthesizer from Eowave, the Quadrantid Swarm, is a powerful source of melodic and percussive sounds. The semi-modular design comes configured to make sounds right out of the box, but patching the elements internally or with external CV signals unlocks new functionality.

A triangle wave with wavefolding and a dedicated percussive element combine to create a wide range of complex behaviors. Filter these two elements with the pair of 12dB/oct filters, connected in series. Filter 1 can act as a low pass or high pass filter, and filter 2 is a low pass filter. A real spring reverb adds depth and space to your sounds with a simple one-knob interface.

The touchplates at the bottom of the Quadrantid Swarm are configured to act as a monophonic touchplate, polyphonic touchplate, or as an eight-step sequencer. Or alternatively, you can sequence your sounds with the built-in MIDI input or external CV sources. A two-stage envelope is excellent for plucky percussive hits or expressive filter sweeps. The LFO is an eight-wave LFO connected to a slew limiter that provides wide-ranging modulation.

With a ton of sonic and modulation options built right in, this hybrid synthesizer offers extensive possibilities for sounds and behaviors that provide hours of exploration.

This product has been unboxed and opened. It is in near-mint condition and show virtually no signs of use. It comes with all the original accessories and packing. This is a final sale but includes the manufacturer’s full warranty.

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